The Role of Visually Stimulating Math Activities at eiMaths

The Role of Visually Stimulating Math Activities at eiMaths

The Role of Visually Stimulating Math Activities at eiMaths

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Commence on the journey of mastering Maths is often seen as a daunting task for students. However, at eiMaths, the approach is anything but ordinary. The innovative Maths enrichment centre in Singapore is making waves by incorporating visually stimulating activities and fun tools into its curriculum. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the role of these captivating elements in enhancing Maths learning and engagement for K1 – P6 students at eiMaths.

The Power of Visual Stimuli in Math Activities

At eiMaths, the philosophy revolves around building a strong foundation in Mathematics. One of the key strategies employed is the use of visually stimulating activities. In the context of P5 examinations allowing calculator use, success is no longer solely dependent on computational skills. Instead, emphasis is placed on fostering creative thinking, analytical prowess, logical reasoning, and visualisation skills. In this evolving landscape, students are challenged to apply a multifaceted skill set that goes beyond mere computation, acknowledging the role of technology in handling routine calculations.

But why are visual elements so crucial in the realm of Maths education? 

Cognitive Engagement Through Visuals

Visual stimuli engage the cognitive functions of the brain, making the learning process more effective. Complex mathematical concepts are simplified and made more accessible when complemented with visual aids. This engagement helps students grasp abstract ideas with greater ease.

Cultivating visualisation skills is crucial for preparing future professionals in fields such as engineering, design, and architecture. These skills are indispensable, as they go beyond the capabilities of AI, ensuring that students are equipped with the unique abilities essential for success in careers that demand creative thinking and spatial awareness.

Fostering Curiosity and Critical Thinking

Visual activities at eiMaths are carefully designed to stimulate curiosity. The incorporation of intriguing visuals prompts students to question, analyse, and think critically. This not only makes the learning experience enjoyable but also encourages a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

The Methodology Behind Visual Math Activities at eiMaths

The Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach is an educational methodology that employs tangible and visual aids to foster a child’s comprehension of abstract concepts. This pedagogical approach introduces students to new mathematical ideas by utilising concrete resources, also known as manipulatives. In the context of eiMaths, all preschool materials are thoughtfully designed with sets of syllabus-based concrete materials, facilitating a hands-on and engaging learning experience for mastering mathematical concepts.

To understand how visually stimulating activities are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum, let’s explore the methodology at eiMaths:

  • Build A Strong Foundation
    Visual tools are employed to lay a solid foundation in basic mathematical theories. From geometric shapes to number patterns, students interact with visually appealing materials that make learning enjoyable and memorable.
  • Use of Activity Boxes
    Activity boxes at eiMaths are a treasure trove of visually stimulating tools. These boxes contain hands-on activities that not only reinforce theoretical knowledge but also make learning a delightful experience. The tactile engagement ensures a holistic understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Active Problem-Solving
    Visual aids are strategically used during problem-solving sessions. The E.I.G.H.T. problem-solving strategy – Evaluate, Identify, Get connected, Heuristics approach, and Time to reflect – is complemented by visually guided steps. This approach transforms Maths problem-solving into an interactive and engaging process.
  • Enhancing Mathematical Understanding through Model Drawing

In our teaching approach, we leverage model drawing to bridge the gap between concrete learning experiences and abstract mathematical concepts. Specifically, the bar model serves as a powerful pictorial representation of mathematical problems, utilizing rectangles to depict both known and unknown quantities, including missing numbers. This technique empowers early years and primary students to visually represent values in mathematical problems, facilitating a more intuitive understanding and nurturing the development of robust number sense.

Achievements Through Visually Stimulating Math Activities

eiMaths takes pride in its achievements, and the impact of visually stimulating math activities is evident in:

  • High Success Rate
    The centre boasts a 100% success rate in Maths learning. Visually engaging activities contribute to this success by making the learning process enjoyable and effective.
  • Positive Ratings
    With a stellar 4.9* rating, eiMaths stands as a testament to the effectiveness of its approach. Visually stimulating activities play a crucial role in garnering positive feedback from both students and parents.
  • Engaged Student Community
    The vibrant and interactive classes at eiMaths create an engaged student community. Visually appealing materials ensure that students eagerly participate, fostering a positive learning environment.

In short, eiMaths has successfully carved a niche by infusing fun and visually stimulating elements into its Maths enrichment program. The use of visually engaging activities not only makes Maths learning enjoyable but also facilitates a deeper understanding of concepts. As we witness the positive impact of this approach on student success, it’s clear that the role of visually stimulating math activities at eiMaths is pivotal. 

If you’re looking to give your child the best possible chance to excel in Maths, connecting with eiMaths, inquiring about their programs, or enrolling today could be the transformative step your child needs.

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