Elevate IQ (EI) Mathematics Brain Boost Games for Kids – Learning Money


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Elevate IQ (eiMaths) Mathematics Brain Boost Games for Kids - Learning Money


Helps Children Understand The Concept Of Earning Money As Well As The Responsibilities That Comes With Paying Bills!


Our Learning Money game sets have quickly become one of our most popular play and learn sets. These high quality pretend money bills, coins and checks help teach your kids how to count and interact with money in the real world. 


In this new digitally driven world, kids rarely get to experience and play around with cash as payment methods have gone digital. Kids might not know how to count and add the coins and notes up to get the value needed to make a purchase. This game is a great way for your kids to practice counting physical money and allows them to better understand the basic concept of coins and notes. 


This brain-boosting game will teach your kids the importance of money recognition, adding and making correct changes through interactive gameplay. Kids get to learn how much they are required to pay and how much they should take back after paying using the price list in the workbook. 


Learning Objectives:


  • Concepts of money
  • Dollars & Cents conversion
  • Additional & Subtraction of money


In Mathematics Brain Booster Series, there are 5 main topics:


  • Time
  • Money
  • Matrix Logic
  • Number Sense
  • Colour Blocks


Educate your kids to connect and apply the skills they’ve learned from this activity game to MOE syllabus Mathematics problems taught in school.


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