Elevate IQ (EI) Mathematics Brain Boost Games for Kids – Learning Colour Blocks


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Elevate IQ (eiMaths) Mathematics Brain Boost Games for Kids - Learning Colour Blocks


Let’s Eliminate Math Phobia And Have Fun In Learning Mathematics!


  • This colour blocks learning program is especially perfect for anyone with fidgety fingers to play with. Construct the 3D figures from the workbook using the cubes given to understand the concept of volumes of cubic units (required by MOE, Primary 5 syllabus)  or just enjoy the satisfaction of moving them around! Whether in the classroom or at home, it's sure to be enjoyed by kids.


This learning colour blocks game will help your kids improve hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, 3D visualization skills and fine motor skills. It’s the first color and spatial recognition game for young children!


Learning Objective:


  • Visualization
  • Shape matching
  • Colour matching
  • 3 Dimensional view
  • Figures formation


In Mathematics Brain Booster Series, there are 5 main topics:


  • Time
  • Money
  • Matrix Logic
  • Number Sense
  • Colour Blocks


Educate your kids to connect and apply the skills they’ve learned from this activity game to MOE syllabus Mathematics problems taught in school.


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