A Primary Maths Tuition Revolutionary Change: Decoding the E.I.G.H.T. Problem Solving Strategy

A Primary Maths Tuition Revolutionary Change: Decoding the E.I.G.H.T. Problem Solving Strategy

A Primary Maths Tuition Revolutionary Change: Decoding the E.I.G.H.T. Problem Solving Strategy

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At eiMaths, we are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of every child in the realm of Maths. Our unique and specially designed E.I.G.H.T. Problem Solving Strategy is more than just a learning tool; it’s a pathway to mathematical mastery for K1 – P6 students. This approach is not merely about solving problems; it’s about instilling confidence and competence in Maths.





The E.I.G.H.T. Strategy: A Deep Dive



  • Evaluate the Problem
    • Understanding the Question: This initial step is all about teaching kids how to carefully assess and understand the problem they are facing. It’s the foundation of effective problem-solving, where students learn to discern the key aspects of a question.
  • Identify the Plan
    • Strategizing for Success: At this stage, students learn to identify the best course of action for solving the problem. This involves selecting appropriate methods and tools, a crucial skill for developing logical and analytical thinking.
  • Get Connected
    • Linking Concepts for Better Understanding: This approach emphasizes the importance of students being able to identify similarities across various problem situations. By grasping these connections, they learn to find relationships between unknown variables, leading them to derive relevant equations for problem-solving. This method not only reinforces their understanding but also enhances their ability to formulate and solve complex mathematical problems by establishing clear links between new challenges and previously learned concepts.
  • Heuristics Approach
    • Creative and Diverse Problem Solving: Here, students are encouraged to look at problems from different angles using various heuristics methods. This not only improves their problem-solving abilities but also fosters innovative and creative thinking.
  • Time to Reflect
    • Reflect, Learn, and Grow: This final step goes beyond merely reviewing the problem-solving process. It involves a critical step of validation where students substitute their derived solutions back into the original problem. This is to verify that the solutions meet the specific conditions outlined in the problem. Successful validation of these conditions confirms the correctness of the answers, providing a concrete learning experience and an opportunity for future application.





What Are The Benefits for Your Child?



  • Solid Foundation: The E.I.G.H.T. strategy emphasizes a deep understanding of fundamental concepts, setting a strong foundation in Maths.
  • Active Engagement: It pushes students to be actively involved in solving problems, promoting a hands-on learning experience.
  • Tailored Learning Experience: With small class sizes, each student receives individualized attention, ensuring that their unique learning needs are met.
  • Boosted Confidence: Mastery of this strategy equips students with confidence in their mathematical abilities, leading to improved performance and enthusiasm in learning Maths.





Why Parents Trust eiMaths?



  • Proven Track Record: Our 100% success rate in maths is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach.
  • Engaging Learning Materials: With over 180 activity boxes, we make the learning process both fun and interactive.
  • Personalized Approach: Our commitment to small class sizes ensures that each child gets the attention they deserve.





Join the eiMaths Family!



Embarking on this journey with eiMaths means giving your child a unique advantage in the world of Maths. Our E.I.G.H.T. Problem Solving Strategy is not just about learning; it’s about experiencing and excelling in Maths. This detailed guide to the E.I.G.H.T. Problem Solving Strategy is designed to provide parents with a clear understanding of how eiMaths can transform their child’s learning experience. Through this strategy, children are not only learning how to solve Maths problems but are also developing critical thinking and analytical skills that will benefit them throughout their educational journey and beyond.



Join us in setting your child on the path to mathematical excellence and success.