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eiMaths is voted the best Maths enrichment program by Parents World, and we are running a limited time promotion for this BACK TO SCHOOL season.

Classes include:

Hands-on activities based to learn Maths concepts (K1-P3)

Heuristics problem solving with unique proven strategies to solve challenging word problems (P4-P6)

Colourful workbooks + proprietary & proven learning frameworks

Learn Mathematics in enjoyable & progressive manner

Specially for K1-P2
The kindergarten and lower primary classes students will work on workbooks as well as participate in hands-on activities, with learning tools, of their respective level designed to built foundational skill such as critical thinking, visualizing and number sense.

Specially for P3-P5
Workbooks for upper primary are designed to exercise problem-solving heuristics. Students develop independent thinking skills and apply our five-step problem-solving technique to solve challenging mathematical problems. 

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Back to School Promotion
$20 off registration


Check out our raving testimonials by our dear students & parents here:

eiMaths offers fun Online  & Physical classes for your child to prepare for the new school semester! 

At eiMaths, we strive to make learning Mathematics fun with our very own colourful workbooks and activities. We are here to build a strong foundation for your child and eliminate their fear of learning Maths. With our very own unique diagnostic assessment, we are able to determine your child’s abilities and cater to your child’s needs with our personalised learning programme for K1-P6 students.

eiMaths classroom provides an opportunity for your child to

  • Explore and experience a new perspective in learning Mathematics
  • Safe and secure learning experience in our unique online virtual classroom.
  • Fun holiday online Maths Class with colorful learning materials for Preschool to Primary.
  • Interactive and creative methodologies to make Maths easier and interesting for kids.

‘ unique methodology is recognized not only in Singapore but also in the Middle East & USA with learning centres in Dubai and Oklahoma. Our team of professional educators cultivate Creative Thinking skills and equip your child with knowledge & skills to enable them to approach and solve any Mathematics problem with ease.


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Two brothers, 3 years apart. Both score A* for the PSLE Math.

Both brothers started young, building up their mathematics foundation with fun activities-based program. P4-P6 moving to higher order of thinking skills and using different Problem Solving Heuristics strategy to solve challenging Mathematics problem.


“My Daughter was introduced to eiMaths when she was in Pri 4. Ms. Lona recommended that since PSLE’s weightage is more on problem sums, thus eiMaths is good training for upper primary students. It focuses on problem sums. Initially, my daughter was not used to the questions set in eiMaths and found it tough. She took about a month to get used to it.

Thanks to eiMaths, she scored band 1 after all the hard work and efforts put in.

Moreover, when she was in Pri 5, she found it easier to cope with her Math school work as well as her homework.

Usually, the school would introduce with a new topic, and eiMaths serves as an additional channel for practicing.”

I am so glad that she scored A* in her PSLE Math subject. I would definitely recommend eiMaths to all primary students.

Message from Mrs. Heer

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