Independent Learning

Our spiral curriculum  is a step by step approach in development of concepts and skills, the learning of mathematics is fun and meaningful. Students build confidence and develop a positive attitudes towards Mathematics leading them to think and solve problems independently.

Problem Solving

Acquisition and application of mathematics concepts, thinking and heuristics skills in solving  Mathematical problems. The 4 key aspects of problem solving are: Processing, Modelling, Connecting and Applying.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking plays a vital role in the development of mathematical understanding and competencies. Thinking out of the box, self regulating and monitoring of one’s own thinking are some thinking skills to help students solve mathematical problems.

Activity Based Learning

Through self- discovery,  fun filled activities the following skills can be achieved.

  • Numerical calculation
  • Logic reasoning
  • Life application
  • Visualisation
  • Combination thinking

Our Students In Class

Why is Unique

Our goal is to provide the best teaching, materials and environment to learn.


Eimaths provide a learning environment for Jeanette to learnt maths at her own comfortable pace and the result proved to be excellent.
Jeanette Ong
I enjoyed learning in Eimaths class on Monday because I enjoyed playing the tools after my work.All teacher are kind and gentle to all the kids.Thanks you teaching me maths.
He has improved a lot since joining this class. He is beginning to understand many maths concept, It will be useful when he start P1 next year.
Tang Jian Ming
The Eimaths program is very unique program that caters more to the capability of the child.It brings greater confidence to the child as he can better with the standard rather than blindly following. Javis enjoyed the program as it it typical sums in school and hence it brings more interest to him as well.
Jevis Chan
I have decided to enroll Alder in eimaths because he showed little interest and lack of understanding in mathematics so we hope eimaths would be able to encourage him to be more enthusiastic about math.We are delighted that over a period of six months he showed signs of improvement while enjoying the subject some time. I thank teacher Macy for her patience and understanding towards Alder's learning. Helping my son overcome the difficulties he previously ensure whilst learning mathematics.
Alden Chua
Macy had provided fantastic guidance to my son.She is very patient and made serve my son exact in his math problem sums. The current curriculum helper a lot in his problem.
Ethan Tan
My son got great improvement in result since he join eimaths. The teaching material are sufficient for my son to score well in his exams.Is good to have a teacher like Mrs Jazsintha. She was a responsible and patient teacher.
Koh Yizhe
After attending the course Shreya was able to do task well and more confident.
Shreya S Nair
My kids Isaac and Ian Tan started EiMath at ages 5 and 7. EiMath problems are challenging but not boring or repetitive so it's been enjoyable for them, really helpful for the kids to grasp math concepts and understanding. My older boy consistently performs well in his school math and I've never had to worry about his math homework and tests.
Isaac and Ian Tan

Strives for Excellence. Be Innovative.

Identify and bridge your child’s learning gap in Mathematics.

( K1 – P6)

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